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  1. Fait

    Are you getting the jab?

    Who here is getting vaccinated and which vaccine are you getting? I’m on both side of the fence it does need more data, But I rather risk the vaccine anyway then getting covid what’s everyone thoughts?
  2. Fait

    How COVID-19 is impacting the gaming industry and in a big way

    (SHORT ARTICLE) Just only a couple of years ago we never knew such a virus could hit again as the Spanish Flue did in 1918 while many scientists and other people would predict this such as Baba Vanga many of us still didn't bat an eye (no pun intended, maybe) but seriously though, just like the...
  3. Fait

    COVID-19 ~ How is everyone coping?

    So how is everyone coping with this outgoing covid pandemic? So for the 3-4 time I’ve honestly lost count my hometown and where I currently live is in lockdown again, How’s your place or area going? It sucks how so many people have died due to it