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  1. Fait

    General Do you still own an old Nintendo console?

    Does anyone here still own an old Nintendo console that was invented before the Nintendo DS or Wii? :D We love to see them to post images or explain below :)
  2. Fait

    What’s everyone playing?

    So what’s everyone playing? I was recently playing The Sims :D How about everyone else!
  3. Fait

    Best gaming genre?

    What your favourite type of games that you like to play? :D Mine has to be anything free-roam so shooter free-roams such as GTA or casual free-roams such as Animal Crossing
  4. Fait

    General Gran Turismo

    Had anyone here heard of grand turismo? :p It was my favourite childhood game and only exclusive on PSN
  5. Fait

    Is PC Better Then Console?

    This has been argued upon since the start of PC gaming, I personally thing each system whether it’s Xbox, PSN or PC has their advantages and disadvantages, What does everyone else think? 🤔
  6. Fait

    General Favourite Nintendo Console?

    What’s everyone’s favourite Nintendo console? :P There’s so many to choose from that they’ve released so I can’t list them all but say yours below and why :D
  7. Fait

    The Remastered "GTA The Definitive Edition" Drops In Three Weeks, Here's What To Expect

    Rockstar has delayed the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version of GTA 5 out of 2021’s holiday season, but they have decided to replace it with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, We are all for everyone different opinions which you can freely leave below, As long as they're in a...
  8. Fait

    Facebook Gaming To Be Next Big Thing?

    What does everyone think about this? Zuckerberg and his big team are saying that they're gonna rival against the other big tech giants like Twitch or YouTube to make Facebook the next big thing, What does everyone think about this? Do you think it's possible? I don't stream for personal reasons...
  9. Fait

    Sound Cards VS none

    Hey! Do any of you use a sound card in your computer or do you think they’re a waste of money? Interested to know! 👇
  10. Fait

    How to get the word out?

    Give us all your own advice on how you promote your gaming projects! :p Let’s help each other grow!! :D Say it below 👇
  11. Fait

    Most enjoyable video game?

    This is an interesting question I thought of, But what’s everyone most enjoyable game that barely gets you angry and why? . :D I personally love Animal Crossing because it’s so casual, I like competitive games too but they give you moments which is annoying.
  12. Fait

    PS1 Duke Nukem ~ A Classic

    This was a game that was originally on PSN then was later imported to the Xbox 360 when that came out, Does anyone else remember playing this game?
  13. Fait

    Switch Nintendo to bring GTA to The Switch

    This is one of my most favourite games of all times and it’s exciting that they’re actually bringing it to the Switch :D
  14. Fait

    Favourite Mischaracterised Console?

    Can you think of a console that we have missed? Due to mainstream gaming only having 4 main gaming entities (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation & PC) I’m gonna say Atari 😍 always wanted to try one but let me know what you all think!
  15. Fait

    General Most Creative Game!

    So everyone knows Nintendo has some of the most creative developers known to man kind so what are some of Nintendos most creative games you like? I absolutely love anything Mario or I miss Nintendogs :(
  16. Fait

    PS5 Far Cry 6

    Who excited about the new Far Cry 6 :D I haven’t had a chance to get it yet I need to do more research to see if I can get it on PC since the game has only just came out but I’ve seen it’s a PSN Exclusive 👀
  17. Fait

    Favourite Teams?

    Who here has a favourite team? It can be a team that you’re in or one that you’re a huge fan of, either way rep them below 👇
  18. Fait

    My Best Family-Friendly Games Of All Time

    Here in Australia, the school holidays have approached and I am pretty sure in a few months most of the world will be celebrating Christmas Holidays in some form or another so I am going to list 5 games that are the best for families of all time. 1: Animal Crossing Animal Crossing is an amazing...
  19. Fait

    Favourite song?

    Music is a big part of most of our life’s so what’s your favourite song of all time? :D Mine is The End Of Heartache by Killswitch Engage How about you? :)
  20. Fait

    Australia might be enforcing gaming restricted for under 18s?

    What's everyone thoughts on this? I personally think this is ridiculous like they blamed video games for violence they are now blaming it for them lacking in school, I do agree to much of anything is bad and can be addictive