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  1. Community Violation
    A 'Community Violation' is basically how many warning strikes against your account that you get in a given year before we take extreme action and permanently terminate access to your account, Once a user has received 3 Violations in a given year then their account will be permanently terminated.
  2. Minor Violation
    A minor violation is A violation that is still prohibited and against our terms but won't get you instantly permanently terminated from using our service, However, they will get you a Violation Strike against your account which will be on your account for an entire year.
  3. Major Violations Content
    Violating these will get your account access terminated without question, So it's best not to against these rules, As while you can get another chance if we think you're trusted enough it's much more unlikely than a Minor Violation.
Minor Violations - Content Not Allowed
  1. • Pirated, torrents, or nulled software
    We do not allow content that speaks about Pirated, torrented, or nulled media or software, This is highly prohibited.
  2. Pornography & Nudity
    We do allow these discussions in certain circumstances such as in our Adult Place Section where you must be over the age of 18, however, you must not upload any pornography or nudity directly as an attachment and you must only link your PornHub, OnlyFans, and other 18+ sexual accounts in this section, Pornography, and nudity discussions anyone else on the site is disallowed.
  3. Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs
    Tobacco, Alchohol, and Marijuana may be spoken about in our Adult Place Section of the site, You must not sell these products anywhere on the site and any other form of drugs is highly not allowed for any reason at all.
  4. Discrimination & Racism
    If you make fun of anyone for any reason then action will be taken on our behalf, This includes someone's sexuality, appearance, body type, skin colour & beliefs, Please note sexism also falls under this category and is NOT ALLOWED.
  5. Non-English content
    This might now sound a bit hypocritical at first but please let us explain. If we allowed all different languages to speak on here this would cause a ton of confusion, If your native language isn't English then please use a translator, You then be able to join in on the fun!
  6. Starting Flame Wars
    If you find something that violates our terms then please report it to us and let us deal with it, Starting arguments isn't allowed for any reason.
  7. Chatting Romantically Publicly
    This is a gaming service, not a dating app, So please do this in our PM/DM system that way it's away from the public eye.
Major Violations Content That's Strictly Prohibited
  1. Child Pornography
    If you upload any form of pornography of someone under the age of 18 you will be permanently IP banned and your account banned from using our services, This is not tolerated and we will never want such people on our forums, YouTube channel, or anywhere on our offerings at all.
  2. Anything illegal by law
    Everyone needs to abide by the law and this is not on us, So if content breaks federal laws we will need to remove it, Once we have been requested to do so.
  3. Disrespecting Staff Members
    We work very hard to bring the best in Play Observed, So if you disrespect a staff member your account access will be terminated for 1 week, A second offense of doing this will be a permanent ban.
  4. Harassment & Bullying
    We do not tolerate any harassment or bullying of any kind.
    This includes DMs, If you feel like you are being bullied or harassed you can report and block this user
    Ban Length: 1 Month, repeat offenders receive a permanent ban.
  1. Private Messaging - Act Of Use
    Please note that most of these terms also apply even via our Private Messaging System, All Though you are allowed to chat romantically if this person is over the legal age of consent and is your spouse, partner, or otherwise gives you consent to speak to them that way, Please note that sexually explicit images will not be tolerated for any reason even via Private Messaging and all other rules apply, This includes no mass advertising.
  2. Advertising Guidelines
    You can only advertise where it's allowed such as your signature, certain sections of the platform, And on your personal profile, You are not allowed to promote your services and other projects such as your twitch streams where you please, Doing so will result in a community guideline strike
  3. impersonating
    Please do not act like someone that you are not, This includes acting as a staff member when you are not, If you see content that violates our written terms then please simply report it and we get to it as soon as we can.
    This offense will get your account permanently suspended and no chance to redeem yourself.
  4. Multiple Accounts (NOT ALLOWED)
    You must only have one account and stick to it, All content on your account cannot be transferred to another account unless you have written permission from us as we only allow users to have one account per person for most reasons, evading a ban is also not tolerated, and will lead to your IP address being blocked, If you need to switch accounts you must obtain permission from us first before doing so as in certain cases we can delete or ban your original account and allow you to switch if you have a good enough reason for doing so. You are allowed to use the same IP address as another user but you must be completely separate people.
  5. Rare Events
    If we believe you may be a threat to the community such as you having A heated argument with a member of staff, a friendship, or other types of connections breaking down with a member on our staff team we may temporarily or permanently restrict/ban you depending on the situation, This is only done for the best interest of the community.
    You can request for your account to be Reinstated and if we think you are no longer a threat to our community we can allow your account to be un-terminated.
  1. Bugs
    Please don't take advantage of any bugs or glitches you may find on our services, If you find a bug that needs resolving please notify someone on our administration team right away so we can resolve this as soon as we can.
  2. You Must Agree To These Terms
    If you do not accept these terms you may request for your account to be deleted or if you don't have an account yet please do not sign up as signing up means accepting these terms and our Privacy Policy is located Here We also ask users to please don’t block our Information & Support Twitter account, As this could lead to your account being suspended, If you have any disputes let us know and we resolve them for you as soon as possible.