Come On Now, Sussy Baka
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Community Awards
PO Staff
These people are staff personnel and help run this site smoothly so please respect them!
Respect these kings!
Total awarded: 3
Inaugural Member
These are the first members of our website that registered between now and the 28th July 2022, So grab this badge while you can!
Total awarded: 0
Great Comment Award!
Someone has positively reacted to your thread or comment
(Like, Vouch, Thoughtful, Cool , Please Hydrate, Game On & Let's Gooo)
Total awarded: 12
Your First DP
You can get this one when you are able to add a valid profile picture to your account.
Total awarded: 11
Scary Time Awards! 🎃 These are Awards that you can collect by purchasing a certain item in the Item Shop!
Once you are able to purchase the Pumpkin collectible you will receive this.
Total awarded: 0
Once you purchase them from our stores you can receive them!
Total awarded: 0
Haunted House
Once you can afford this by posting you can add this to your profile too!
Total awarded: 0
Total awarded: 0
This angry Koala comes out and haunts all of Australia around Halloween, Once you get this one we give you 30 awards points for fighting against this beast and staying alive while doing it!!!!
Total awarded: 1
Once you fly your way to making just enough posts in order to buy this one then you can show it off!
Total awarded: 0
Activity Awards
Not A Lurker Anymore
You can get this one by making one post on the forums! This means you have at least contributed once and that's a good enough start :P
Total awarded: 12
Getting Lit
For users that have posted more than 250 times! These people really know their way around things and be something different, but in a good way not a bad way though!
Total awarded: 1
Binge Observer
You officially have no life than to make 1000 posts on an internet website :O But seriously we thank you for it and for helping us create quality content!
Total awarded: 0
The Councillor
This is for users that have solved more than 5 questions! You have done an amazing job in helping other users! You are such a Therparist you could become a real one! (we're no certified therapist though so don't take our word for it)
Total awarded: 0
Money Bags!
You have succeeded in having 100,000 without spending it! You are really good at saving and keeping loads of money! WOW!
Total awarded: 0
True Gamer
We can't tell you how many so shhh, Maybe this will get exposed in time, Can you figure out how many posts are required to gain this badge onto your profile?
Total awarded: 0
The YouTuber
You have posted in the YouTube section so this means you must be some kind of a YouTuber!
Total awarded: 4
Twitch Streamer
If you post in the Twitch Section of this website then you'll receive the Twitch Streamer badge meaning you are a twitch streamer!
Total awarded: 0
Birth & Astrology Awards
Astrologist Badge
You seem to know a thing or two about astrology since you have properly enabled your birth chart on your profile!
Total awarded: 1
Happy Birthday!
This is for users that have had their first birthday with us! Make the most of it!
Total awarded: 0
Other & Connections
Music Lover
Attach your favorite musical taste to your Birth Portrait to receive this special badge!
You can do this Here
Total awarded: 3
You can earn this one by connecting your Facebook account!
Total awarded: 1
YouTube Addict
You hold a Google account that also owns YouTube so if you are anything like us then you must watch loads of videos!
Total awarded: 1
True Gamer
You can receive this one as soon as you specify your PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo account on to your profile.
Total awarded: 1