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Astrology has been around for decades and I know some of you may be thinking "Fait it isn't science" but the way I see that science can be good but anything to do with the afterlife or astrology is way beyond our brains and something I personally believe that science can never tap in to, But regardless on your beliefs on it, It can still be really good entertainment for some of us and this is where Astrology and Gaming can co-exist with each other Since they're both fun and entertaining.
(any biased comments on here about how much you dislike astrology will be removed and a warning added to your account,
This article is not to start flame wars but for entertainment purposes and while you are entitled to your opinion we want things to be civil in the comment section)

We all have an individual birth chart that includes our moon, rising, etc.. We are more than just our zodiac sign professionally known as our Sun Sign.
If these are not accurate to you then you might have another sign that's stronger in your chart and we advise you to contact an astrologist.

ARIES - Mar 21 - Apr 20
Aries are very passionate and fun people, So they play games just for the happiness and joy of things, They pick up everything they can and let the vibes of the game take them where they're supposed to go this relaxes them, allowing them to fully adapt to the game.
Recommended Game Genre: Fighting

Apr 21 - May 21
Taurines are sensual and down to earth people and Taurus are the most competitive out of all signs, Whether it's from mobile gaming or on the big screen they will always go hard when gaming, Them being a fixed sign only makes them stubborn and they have to compete in order to win.
Recommended Game Genre: Thriller

May 22 - June 22
Gemini represents the two twins, They are probably the most laid backed gamers that you will ever meet, Being the twin there are many types of ways and moods they have so it's very unpredictable on a fixed gaming style since they don't really have one they are everything and it purely depends on their mood, One minute they could be very competitive at COD(Call Of Duty) next minute they could be back to enjoying farm Ville.
Recommended Game Genre: Freeroam Action-adventure (such as GTA)

CANCER - Jun 23 - Jul 23

Cancer's are intuitive whether male or female so they much love their portable games, They're the ones that would absolutely love handheld gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS, Switch, PSP Portable, or anything else that is designed to play and go, Whatever you do, DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM WHEN IN A MIDDLE OF A GAME!
They are flow-based gamers But take it seriously at the same time.
Recommended Game Genre: Simulation / Puzzle

Jul 24 - Aug 23

Leo is a fixed fire sign they represent passion, leadership, and great values, They DO NOT I repeat DO NOT like to lose at anything they can even be more competitive than Taurus, As they adapt and learn the ropes Leos will end up knowing how to make a proper statement in every move they make, They also love the social aspect to the game because it keeps the show on them. While this may sound bad they can also be some really amazing and passionate people to game with.
Recommended Game Genre: First Person Shooter

VIRGO - Aug 24 - Sep 23

Virgos are some of the most analytical people, They will soak up every single little detail in the game then BANG strike back at their components, They make sure everything is well organized and practical before going in for the win, They are true perfectionists so don't ever think you win easily because you won't!
Recommended Game Genre: Platform / Open-World Games

LIBRA- Sep 24 - Oct 23

Libra's are the scales so they take a balanced approach it's very hard to decide which way they will end up going since they are very balanced people and they will always ease themselves in then finally taking the final attack against their enemies, Never be deceived.
Recommended Game Genre: Puzzle / Strategy

SCORPIO- Oct 24 - Nov 22

A Scorpio will NEVER give in until they win so there's not much point in trying with these people, Just like Leo they're in it to win it but they are also intuitive just like Cancers, They can fool their components then finally go in for the win. A combination of Leo, Cancer, and playing it smart.
Recommended Game Genre: Anything Shooter (Casually Mobile Games)

SAGITTARIUS- Nov 23 - Dec 21

ahhh the adventurous Sagittarian, They absolutely love discovering different types of games all the time and trying everything out in many different styles whether it's Animal Crossing all the way to GTA they're sure to try everything out, Never think that they're not paying attention any matter what they choose to play because this is their trick to winning.
Recommended Game Genre: Adventure / Action Adventure

Dec 22 - Jan 20
Capricorn's are some of the most hard-working people you will ever meet, They are all about strategy, logic, and using common sense in order to win against their components they are able to bring these skills to the table which helps them be good gamers, They may rage quit easily due to them wanting to be on top but with practice, they can be great.
Recommended Game Genre: Puzzle or Tactical Shooter

Jan 21 - Feb 19
If you are playing any online games that require teamwork, Then you definitely need an Aquarius on your team, They are dedicated to helping other people and working in a team, Aquarians are all about humanity, They will lead the team and come out as an excellent and probably one of the best gamers you ever meet.

Recommended Game Genre: Online Shooter / Cooperative Games

PISCES - Feb 20 - Mar 20

While it may seem like that they can not be decent gamers this cannot be further from the truth, They will always come out being decent gamers, in the end, it just takes them a little longer than the rest since they are represented by the fish and they do go with the flow more than any other sign, Not everything is about winning, If you just wanna lay back and have fun with the game instead of being competitive then get a Pisces on your team.
Recommended Game Genre: Education Simulation / Sandbox

There we go this is what we think each zodiac sign gaming style mostly be like, With your zodiac (sun) sign alone there will be a 70% accuracy rating in our opinion but either way these are written for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
Do you think we were right? put constructive thoughts down in the comments!