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Come On Now, Sussy Baka
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Play Observed | New Features Update..
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I just want to explain some features and other functions that users can use on this website so firstly I want to introduce Awards now you can get awarded for doing certain things around the site such as posting, making new threads, referring new users, and even more!

More on this and the different type of awards is located at this very link

You can also view other users' awards that they own by clicking on the 'Awards' tab on their profile, The awards that are not faded out are the awards that they own and earn.

Refer system:
Users can now refer other users by their referral link and gain awards for doing so as explained on the awards help page, To get your referral link simply go here while being logged in to your account and start promoting us where you can!

This is another feature we offer you can now...