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The Remastered "GTA The Definitive Edition" Drops In Three Weeks, Here's What To Expect
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Rockstar has delayed the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version of GTA 5 out of 2021’s holiday season, but they have decided to replace it with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, We are all for everyone different opinions which you can freely leave below, As long as they're in a constructive way of course. This will be a remaster of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas all being imported over to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

As of writing this, we know that the GTA trilogy remaster comes out in just under three weeks on November 11, 2021, and will be $90AUD for all three games, None of them are going to be sold separately and can only be bought as one hence the name 'trilogy' in other words they're binding all three classics of the series together.

Rockstar has started showing off parts of the game, Here's an image comparing the original version of San Andreas (released in 2004) and Modern San Andreas being imported over to the Nintendo Switch.
Play Observed | New Features Update..
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I just want to explain some features and other functions that users can use on this website so firstly I want to introduce Awards now you can get awarded for doing certain things around the site such as posting, making new threads, referring new users, and even more!

More on this and the different type of awards is located at this very link

You can also view other users' awards that they own by clicking on the 'Awards' tab on their profile, The awards that are not faded out are the awards that they own and earn.

Refer system:
Users can now refer other users by their referral link and gain awards for doing so as explained on the awards help page, To get your referral link simply go here while being logged in to your account and start promoting us where you can!

This is another feature we offer you can now...
My Best Family-Friendly Games Of All Time
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Here in Australia, the school holidays have approached and I am pretty sure in a few months most of the world will be celebrating Christmas Holidays in some form or another so I am going to list 5 games that are the best for families of all time.

1: Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing is an amazing strategy-Education Simulation where the player can explore their island, If it's from collecting fruits, vegetables, fish, or any other forms of food in order to survive from shaking trees, fishing, or exploring in some other way or form Animal Crossing has you covered, Your kids and family will learn a lot when it comes to this game and especially kids that need to learn life skills such as when it comes to the time to get a place of their own they can look back at the time they played this game and will know some things on what to do in the real world, I know that the majority of family will have fun working together in building their ideal island! Enjoy the adventure with this title.

What's Your Gaming Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
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Astrology has been around for decades and I know some of you may be thinking "Fait it isn't science" but the way I see that science can be good but anything to do with the afterlife or astrology is way beyond our brains and something I personally believe that science can never tap in to, But regardless on your beliefs on it, It can still be really good entertainment for some of us and this is where Astrology and Gaming can co-exist with each other Since they're both fun and entertaining.
(any biased comments on here about how much you dislike astrology will be removed and a warning added to your account,
This article is not to start flame wars but for entertainment purposes and while you are entitled to your opinion we want things to be civil in the comment section)

We all have an individual birth chart that includes our moon, rising, etc.. We are more than just our zodiac sign professionally known as our Sun Sign.
If these are not accurate to you then you might...
5 Reasons Why Fanboyism Is Old
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Before anyone gets offended by this article let me firstly say in caps THERE'S NOTHING WRONG IN LIKING OR EVEN LOVING SOMETHING I like my PC,
I like my phone, I love my true friends, family, and pets that I've gotten close to but when it's that obsessive that they start hating on the component that's when it's an issue. I'm more of a dog person but that being said

Don't you just cringe at those fanboys that go "Xbox is better than PSN" or "PSN is better than Xbox' probably even "Nintendo is superior to everything",
All of these quotations mentioned are completely wrong and inaccurate and I'm going to explain in this article today.
Like, come on we all know PC is the better option for anything that will ever exist, (Okay, that was a joke please do not get serious, But we should dig into this now)

1: Both Have Their own unique features in their own way
All gaming consoles make their designs unique to them that way you can tell that it's them that invented the system, All...
How COVID-19 is impacting the gaming industry and in a big way
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Just only a couple of years ago we never knew such a virus could hit again as the Spanish Flue did in 1918 while many scientists and other people would predict this such as
Baba Vanga many of us still didn't bat an eye (no pun intended, maybe) but seriously though, just like the global economy, businesses especially many small ones which have closed, Not to mention there was a small fish and chip shop not far from me that I use to go to that has recently permanently closed the video game industry is unfortunately no different.

All though unlike many of the disasters, we are experience due to this virus and pandemic the video game industry is booming better than it has before and I'm here to explain why in this article right now.

1: Lockdown Means Less Time Out, More Gaming
Depending on where you are in this world you may be in lockdown or keep going in and...
Why Activision Remastering Spyro Was The Right Thing To Do (Spyro Reignited Trilogy)
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Back in the day it's hard not to forget the memories of playing Spyro on the original PlayStation it was fun, adventurous and overall an amazing game to play around with, From the amazing storyline, good graphics for its time, and collectible you can also find along your adventure in completing the game whether that was The Original, Ripto's Rage or Year of the Dragon it was an extremely fun series to play around with and definitely one of my personal favorites for sure it's a game that released their debut version in 1998.

These are my top 5 reasons why I personally think Activision...